Android Porn: The biggest pervs have the biggest phones [NSFW]

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Bigger is always better when it comes to porn, or at least that’s what the results of MiKandi’s 2011 year-end review are suggesting. Android’s biggest third-party  market for adults-only apps broke down the most popular phones for using porn apps and the results all trend towards device’s with larger display sizes. So who are the biggest pervs out there? Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X, and Samsung Galaxy S II users, that’s who. Shame on you!

MiKandi also reveals that their app market has grown to over 1.5 million users with 2,500 users joining daily to access a catalog of close to 4,000 porn apps  from about 3,500 developers. It all amounts to more than 1 million monthly downloads, the majority of which originate in the Unites States with South Korea, the UK, and China following behind. MiKandi has done it all while spending no money on marketing, a fact that the mainstream Android world would rather sweep under the rug. The third-party market proves that porn on Android is a lucrative business, even if the Amazon Appstore and Android Market shun such X-rated materials.

Will 2012 be another huge year of growth for MiKandi? Undoubtedly, but don’t expect to see their apps ranked up there with the wholesome offerings of other Android marketplaces any time soon. You can see more statistics over at the MiKandi blog, but we are warning you now that the content is far from safe for work or anyone underage.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia NX up for pre-order Feb. 10 in Japan, launches Feb. 24

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Sony unveiled the first members of their 2012 handset lineup back at CES, emphasizing the Xperia Ion for AT&T and its international brother the Xperia S. In The phone will be released with a set of features catering to the needs of Japanese mobile users as the Xperia NX, which has been announced for a February 24th launch on NTT DoCoMo. It should be among the first of Sony’s latest to reach consumers — the Xperia S launches a few weeks later — yet it looks to maintain Sony Ericsson branding. Sony is currently in the process of acquiring Ericsson and assuming complete control of mobile operations and has been showcasing their new line with Sony logos only (pending regulatory approval). The Xperia NX will go on pre-order February 10th.

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Apple Users In Uproar Over Foxconn Labor Conditions – Why Are Android Users Silent?

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Apple has long been the target of criticism over their labor practices, specifically, at overseas factories like Foxconn where harsh working conditions, accidents and suicide rates for Chinese laborers working in these factories have all made headline. Foxconn even had to go as far as installing safety nets along the sides of their buildings to help thwart would-be jumpers. A few months ago, there was also an app “game,” later pulled from the App Store, attempting to shed light on this issue, only to eventually find itself land in the Android Market, where it currently remains.

After news that Apple was sitting on a $97 billion cash pile, twiddling their thumbs, a renewed effort is being led by Apple “fanboys” no less, who have taken to online petitions to raise even more awareness. The hopes are that Apple will use some of this money to force suppliers like Foxconn into improving their working conditions. But as so often is the case, that’s easier said than done.

The thing is, it’s not only Apple who uses Foxconn to make their products. That shiny new Kindle Fire you received for Christmas — guess what? It was built in a Foxconn factory just like the iPad 2. It’s true. Many of your favorite Android OEM’s (and even console manufacturers) are current Foxconn employers. To show you Apple isn’t alone in this, here’s a list of a few of them, 10 of which are US based, and mixed in with other big name manufacturers.

  • Acer Inc. (Taiwan)
  • (United States)
  • Asus (Taiwan)
  • Barnes & Noble (United States)
  • Dell (United States)
  • Hewlett-Packard (United States)
  • Intel (United States)
  • IBM (United States)
  • Lenovo (China)
  • Logitech (Switzerland)
  • Microsoft (United States)
  • MSI (Taiwan)
  • Motorola (United States)
  • Netgear (United States)
  • Nintendo (Japan)
  • Nokia (Finland)
  • Panasonic (Japan)
  • Philips (Netherlands)
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Sharp (Japan)
  • Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)
  • Toshiba (Japan)
  • Vizio (United States)

And while it can be argued that Apple is a much more grueling task master, I think it’s safe to say the rest of these OEM’s aren’t really helping matters either. Keep in mind I’m not saying we should all run out and grab our picket signs but I just felt it was interesting that people seemingly hold Apple to some sort of  “higher standard” than other big name companies like Nintendo or Motorola. Is it fair? Not really. Is there a need for change? 100% yes. Can Apple do it alone? Probably not.

Back in the day, apparel companies like Nike were forced to improve their labor conditions after public outcry and I can only hope these online petitions will catch the attention of Android OEM’s as well. Something needs to be done to improve working conditions for the factory workers at Foxconn and my heart most certainly goes out to them. Since most Android users already boycott Apple products out of devotion to all things Google, you can still further help by signing the online petitions linked below. It’s your duty as a world citizen (yep, I just went there).

Thanks, Noonehereyet!

[Change.Org | SumOfUs.Org]

Sony Nypon Rumored to be Named XPERIA P

The previously leaked Sony Nypon smartphone is now speculated to adopt the XPERIA P brand when the phone gets announced, probably at Mobile World Congress in February. The phone was leaked at around the same time that we’ve seen the recent Sony Kumquat leaks, which is now said to be launching as the XPERIA U.

The Sony Nypon, or XPERIA P, will be a mid-range smartphone for Sony. The device will come with a qHD resolution screen, as opposed to a 720p HD display as found on the flagship XPERIA S smartphone that was launched earlier in January at CES, and will be powered by a 1 GHz CPU.

One photo shows the XPERIA P running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, though it’s uncertain if the XPERIA P will ship out of the box with Android 4.0. Given that it appears that Android 4.0 is on Sony’s mind, if the device does ship with an older version of the OS, there is a good chance that it will be upgradeable in the future.

Like Samsung, Sony is adopting the ‘S’ moniker as the flagship. We’ll have to figure out later how all the other letters of the alphabet fit in.

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European Commission approves Sony takeover of Sony Ericsson

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Inching one step closer to completely eradicating the Ericsson name from all future Xperia handsets, the European Commission has approved Sony’s takeover of Sony Ericsson. The deal comes as Sony looks to integrate its line of Android smartphones more deeply into its product lineup, allowing for greater interoperability between Xperia handsets and internet-connected televisions, tablets, and media devices. Complete ownership for Sony comes at a price of €1.05 billion and includes the acquisition of a selection of patents and cross-licensing with other Ericsson intellectual property.

[Reuters via AndroidCentral]

Sony XPERIA S to Repel Stain, Charge Quickly

Sony is introducing some new technologies on its XPERIA S flagship smartphone for 2012, including the ability to repel stains and rapidly charge the phone. The former feature is something that manufacturers have experimented with in the past, including HTC with its Teflon coating on the original international GSM variant of the HTC Hero.

According to Phandroid, the anti-stain body of the XPERIA S will help keep the device looking new, and in a prior demo, Sony reps were able to draw on the phone with a pen and wipe away the pen stains with their fingers. Whether the feature is useful or a gimmick in real life is yet to be proven as the plastic polycarbonate shell can still be scratched and dinged in normal day-to-day use.

As the XPERIA S will be available in both black and white, the anti-stain coating will probably be more useful for owners of the white handset.

Another feature is the ability to rapidly charge the phone. Given that most devices today consume a lot of power, having the ability to quickly juice up your device so you’ll always be ready to take the next call or browse the latest webpage will be nice to power users. Users can give the device an hour of talk time with just a 10-minute charge, and charging the device for 30 minutes will bring the charge up to 80%. After which point, the battery will slowly charge up to 100% as to not overheat the battery or wear down the battery too quickly.

In addition to these newly talked about capabilities on the XPERIA S, the XPERIA S and XPERIA Ion also comes with NFC support along with the ability to take a picture in much less than 2 seconds. Users can hold down the dual-stage hardware camera shutter button and the camera will automatically focus and snap a picture in a little over a second’s time.

The XPERIA S debuted at CES 2012 alongside the 4G LTE variant known as the XPERIA Ion for AT&T in the U.S.


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Sony Tablet S, P and Xperia Phones are Being Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in Spring

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Sony has mentioned to The Verge that Ice Cream Sandwich is well on its way to their userbase. In Spring, owners of the Tablet P and S can expect the upgrade in tablet form while those on the Xperia side of the pond will also be getting some love. As we get close to that season we hope the window will be narrowed even further, but at least we know you all won’t be waiting long.

Resident Evil Movie Trailer Outs Sony XPERIA Arc HD Smartphone?

Prior to CES 2012, there were speculations that Sony would introduce a successor to its 2011 flagship Android smartphone in the form of the XPERIA Arc HD, but that never came to fruition. Instead, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company introduced a high-end XPERIA S smartphone. So what happened to the Arc HD? That information is still unknown, but it appears that a trailer for Resident Evil did reveal a phone that resembles what the curved Arc HD may resemble.

The device is shown in the trailer, posted below, at 0:13 minutes.

It’s still unclear where the Arc HD would fit into Sony’s leaked lineup for 2012, or if the device has been shelved all together, much like Sony’s rumored attempted at creating an XPERIA Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Perhaps the XPERIA Arc HD had been redesigned at the last minute and appears in its current incarnation as the XPERIA S?

If the device will be released, it is believed to sport a 4.2-inch 720p HD display, dual-core processor, Bravia Engine screen, and a Sony 12-megapixel camera sensor.

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Leaked Sony Kumquat May Launch as XPERIA U Android Smartphone

The leaked Sony Kumquat smartphone that we had recently reported on may launch as the Sony XPERIA U smartphone, joining its bigger brothers the Sony XPERIA Ion and the Sony XPERIA S. Still not a lot of information is known about the phone, but Indonesia’s regulatory body, which is the equivalent of the U.S. FCC, has disclosed that the phone, which bears the model number ST25i, is attached to the XPERIA U name.

The Kumquat is one of many models found in a recent leak of smartphone code names from Sony, which is absorbing the smartphone arm that was once a joint venture with Sony Ericsson.

The XPERIA U is believed to be a mid-level or entry-level smartphone and the device is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona.

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Sony ST25i Kumquat could launch as the Sony Xperia U

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As much as I love the potential for wordplay with the Sony ST25i’s Kumquat codename, it’s probably for the better that the handset won’t launch under that banner. However, a newly leaked listing from Indonesia’s Postel (their government body most closely resembling the FCC) may provide us with the street name of the device we first saw in a leaked image last week. All signs point to the new Android smartphone launching as the Sony Xperia U. The name certainly lines up with the recently announced Xperia S, a handset from which the ST25i takes many of its cues. While Xperia U certainly lacks razzle-dazzle (and sounds more like the name of some marketing campaign focused on college students), it definitely lacks the embarrassment factor of the Kumquat moniker.

“Hey dude, is that the new iPhone?”

“No, bro. This is my Xperia Kumquat.”

Yeah, we are liking Xperia U more and more.

[XperiaBlog via MobileSyrup]