Download AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Updated with Additional Features

Download AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Updated with Additional Features:

Blue Stack 1.3.21

AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb by the  Developer Eric Day has been updated for iPhone. Which shows the continuous popularity of AirBlue Stack and now another version is being updated by developers. AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb is updated with new features and is free from all previous bugs which were present in previous versions.

For iOS in iBluever and iTether this AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb is used as Blue-tooth stack. In this updated version now user can configure Bluetooth name of device along with this pairing crash issues on some devices are now fixed in this updated version.

One of the good thing which is in AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb is that it can’t add any extra icons to the home screen of your device. One of the best thing which I like the most that it support for all iOS versions so you don’t have to install any particular iOS version for that AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb.

Features of AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb:

  • Support for iTether and bluever
  • SonyEricson SDP SAS compatibility
  • BlueTooth Stack
  • Support for all Versions

What’s New in AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb:

  1. arm6 for MS Plugin

Download AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb:

Download AirBlue Stack 1.3.21 Deb