Download PowerAMP Music Player 2.0.6 Build 502 Full APK For Android

PowerAMP Music Player 2.0.6 Build 502 For Android

PowerAMP 2.0.6 Build 502 has been released and is now available for download. PowerAMP 2.0.6 Build 502 is the latest and updated version of PowerAMP . PowerAMP 2.0.6 Build 502 Apk is compatible for  Android 2.1 and higher version.

This version of  PowerAMP comes with the changes mainly in audio engine,  and the stability fixes.  Power AMP is a powerful music player application for Android that allows us to play mp3 and mp4 or m4a (including ogg, wma, wav, etc) audio files.

PowerAMP 2.0.6 Build 502 is having 10 band adjustment and equilizer which allows you to adjust with separate bass and treble adjustment, crossfade, gapless, missing album art download, 4 widgets available, some with album art and others without album art.

New in PowerAMP Music Player:

  •   Build 502: fixed issue with folders hierarchy/music folders selection
  •   Build 502: updated translations
  •   Build 502: updated 3rd party skin exports
  •   Build 502: improved compatibility with 3rd party skins
  •   Build 502: German translation (thanks to Vincent T.)
  •   Build 502: Italian translation (thanks to Luigiantonio Calò)
  •   Build 502: Spanish translation (thanks to Luis Gallón, Jose Martin)
  •   Build 502: Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to iMobLife, KaiChing Chang)
  •   Build 502: few other bug fixes and improvements
  •   HTC One X support


DOWNLOAD LINK FOR PowerAMP 2.0.6 Build 502:

PowerAMP Music Player 2.0.6




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